L’IROQUOIS WOOD Dugóhúzó Bükkfa Markolattal

5 990 Ft


The LIGNE W range of corkscrews are truly unique. High quality corkscrews manufactured from old French wine barrels into individual works of art.

The concept originates from France and specifically, wine expert Sébastien Lézier. Having spent many years in the wine industry, Sébastien decided that in 2008 it was time to follow his dream and to put his passion for wine into improving the accessories that we use. From this, LIGNE W was born.

LIGNE W corkscrews are not just stunning pieces of design, they are highly functional and are used as waiters friends in bars, restaurants and vineyards around the World. In the short time that LIGNE W have been available they have been adopted by top sommeliers, partly because of the robust, high grade stainless steel and double step lever system but also because they evoke a certain feel and appreciation for wine.

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