Rizling or Riesling

Last month we started with Dr. Bürklin-Wolf’s entry Riesling. Here is the continuation of the great unknowns of the best areas. It’s great because many people say that the burgundy chardonnay’s sole rival is the biggest white wine label and is winning. It is unknown, even though there is plenty of Rhine in Hungary. Because in fact we know our domestic ancestors very well, who for the first time tastes more serious German riesling, will probably say that it is two different breeds. Just as the Tokaj Aszu is rich in aromas and the high acidity and sugar content makes it unique, the fruitiness of the German riesling is also based on this beautiful tension. When we first try “echte” riesling, it’s like after the cannery music the double bass strings will strike at our armchair. High acids could be offensive, but some of the remaining sugar can act as a balancing balance. As a result of the long learning process, there are undoubtedly beautiful dry riesling. But if we go to the riesling, do not be scared of a pinch of residual sugar.

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