Wine, restaurant, recipe – 10 + 1 chef’s summer recipe with salad, 12 good wines

We twitched twelve kinds of wine that we like to taste again and again and from which we often bring home or to our friends with a bottle. Then came the idea that it would be good to find a passive recipe, but something very light and easy to do in the garden in summer.

So we took the wines to 10 cool chefs to taste and ponder what they would eat next to. Only a few materials that anyone can do almost anywhere. Somehow it was a little simpler, the menu was somewhat more popular, but the starting point was salad everywhere. And a couple of days later we set off and went through the whole country to taste what wine they were cooking.

While we went to the restaurants, talked and tasted the food with the wines – we know, ungrateful work – we made a small detour to Balatonhenyé. We went to György Vadász, who was recommended in Zánka’s first “street food” place for your cooking. “As you leave the pub in the village, on the left side you will see that it is a vegetable on the stream” – we got such directions.

Uncle Gyuri came from the market in Paschal, where he sells his organic vegetables and fruits every Saturday in every word. We’ve just made a presentation, he has already put it: “We’re experimenting with lots of vegetables. Only potatoes are 4-5 in the garden, the rarest and therefore the most valuable for purple potatoes and potato chips is the best.

We produce 3 salads: salad, salad and lettuce. Then, when they run out, the spinach or close relative, the mahogany, the mullet or the beetroot and its leaves come. ”
Many of these items of the vegetables and the recipe of Uncle Gyuri’s well-salad dressings were given to us:
Mix fennel seeds, Roman cumin, fresh capsicum, basil and thyme with sour cream or cream and add garlic, then season with salt and pepper.

Then we kicked several pounds of gifts with vegetables and fruit to taste what else we can make of these vegetables next to the wines.

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